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Active Older Adults Helping One Another

Our efforts to help fellow New Canaanites remain in town are part of a nationwide movement to enable people to continue living in the communities where they have established roots. We're in touch with numerous similar initiatives around the country.

As baby boomers near retirement, such assistance at home is becoming the wave of the future as an alternative to retirement communities. We're building an organization our children can inherit. It's an insurance policy for us. If we need it, it will be there. And it's reassurance for our children-about their parents now and about themselves in the future.


Help Is One Phone Call Away

Through our Executive Director and Resource Center, we provide information, counseling and contacts with other organizations and an array of service providers from handymen to computer techs to drivers to personal trainers and help at home. We've conducted careful studies to determine priorities of services desired and believe we are meeting a wide range of needs.

We also supply members with a compendium of services available through both public and private organizations throughout Fairfield County and beyond. Our Director plays a key role in helping members explore options for assistance, whatever the need.


Bringing People Together

Having fun and working to maintain good health are vital goals. We find ways of bringing people together at meetings, lectures, shopping expeditions, exercise classes, and regularly scheduled social events and unique excursions.

No one should have to be lonely in this town! But many people need help getting places and connecting with compatible fellow towns-people so they can enjoy stimulating activities of all kinds.


Partnering with Our Town

We don't duplicate what's already available through other organizations. We've conducted extensive studies of available services, as well as surveys to determine what services people most need. Our town is blessed with outstanding institutions providing many services for residents over 50 - Health and Human Services, Lapham Community Center, Waveny Care Center, Getabout, Nursing and Home Care, Meals on Wheels, the YMCA, the United Way and others. What do we add to that mix? We see ourselves as partners who can help members learn all that's available and encourage and facilitate participation in existing programs as appropriate. Health at home is enhanced by Staying Put's effort to increase use of our town's services for the elderly.


A Central Place

The value of Staying Put in New Canaan is having a central place to turn for help and information and a person in charge who initiates contacts and responds to individual needs - whether it's for someone to repair a screen door, deliver your groceries or accompany you to a hairdresser or doctor's appointment.


Membership Fees

Our membership fees are being kept as low as possible, while allowing us to carry out our mission. We subsidize memberships below a certain income level to the extent our finances permit and for no fewer than 10 percent of our members. To do this, we need an endowment fund to defray the costs of our office and staff and enable us to offer below-cost memberships to those who qualify.


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